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Deep inside the beast

Dismantling and demonstrations: the inhabited puppet

During this activity, we completely dismantle one or two puppets in front of the audience. We share our creative process: our inspirations, design, training, conception, mechanisms, handling techniques and more.

It is an exchange where participants are invited to ask their questions and to do some physical play exercises with us. The objective of this activity is to share the secrets of our puppets, to inspire and arouse interest in this art.

Detailed information

Duration. 1h30

Audience. General (recommended for ages 12 and over)

Gauge . 15 to 60 people

Space . Courts, park, gymnasium, auditorium, theater


Awakening the beast

Giant puppets collective creation

Plastic arts and puppet manipulation

This giant puppet creation workshop is an opportunity to discover the universe of oversized puppets. It is a workshop designed for the curious who have an interest in visual arts, theater and puppetry and who would like to experiment and discover the basics to bring giant characters to life.


The workshop is divided into 2 stages, creation and manipulation, and can end with an outdoor presentation. 

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Duration. 6 workshops of 2h00

Audience. Adults

Gauge . 12 people

Space . Artist workshop, art room


More cultural activities

Workshops for general audiences can be adapted for youth audiences.

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Stilt workshop

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Giant puppet workshop

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