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Cultural workshops


The inhabited puppet
From concept to life

Cultural activity

During this cultural activity, we invite you to dive into the world of the inhabited puppet. We completely disassemble a puppet in front of the public and share our creative process. This includes character design, preparation of the physical actor, the different mechanisms and materials used as well as non-verbal acting techniques. You will discover different prototypes of puppets as well as demonstrations of expression of emotions and intentions through the body.


This mediation-show allows participants to ask questions and try some practical exercises. Our goal is to reveal the secrets of manipulating our puppets while inspiring and arousing interest in this captivating art.

Detailed information

Duration .45 minutes

Hearing. Recommended from 10 years old

Gauge . 15 to 100 people

Space . Courtyard, park, plaza, gymnasium, auditorium, theater, others

Public général: Projets

Awakening the beast

Giant puppets collective creation

Plastic arts and puppet manipulation

This giant puppet creation workshop is an opportunity to discover the universe of oversized puppets. It is a workshop designed for the curious who have an interest in visual arts, theater and puppetry and who would like to experiment and discover the basics to bring giant characters to life.


The workshop is divided into 2 stages, creation and manipulation, and can end with an outdoor presentation. 

contact us for more details

Duration. 6 workshops of 2h00

Audience. Adults

Gauge . 12 people

Space . Artist workshop, art room

Public général: Projets

More cultural activities

Workshops for general audiences can be adapted for youth audiences.


Long legs

Stilt workshop


New workshop in development
giant puppet workshop

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