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Nullpa's Triplets

Inhabited puppets - Stilts

In Nullpa, this distopic universe where all the old objects of humanity are found, The Triplets are formed little by little thanks to our scraps...

Embark on this playful and poetic adventure inspired automatons, period objects and mechanical contraptions of all kinds. 

*Warning: you run the risk of being fascinatedOr crushed by these big clumsy...

Design, production. Helijalder Capristano & Laetitia B. Canniccioni

Original music. Mael Oudin

Animation videos. Genevieve Guenette

Illustrations . Genevieve Guenette

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In addition to the street performance Les Triplets de Nullpa, we have developed three animated video capsules combining different mediums such as drawing, collage, stop-motion and real film. Through their phone, viewers will have access to these videos which will transport them into the world of Nullpa.

test perso valise.jpg

Nullpa's Triplets explore our relationship to giants, literally, but also in a broader sense. Caricatural representation of the giants that crush us on a daily basis: the economy, the military, globalization... And like these disproportionate entities, The Triplets work thanks to tiny little men who work in their center... us, the simple humans.

This achievement is inspired by the three-way clown game, legends about giants, trinities, planned obsolescence, artificial intelligence, obsolete objects.... 

They are inhabited, hybrid, prosthetic puppets. They were made using a multitude of various techniques: sculpture, molding, drawing - patronage, sewing, patina - mechanism design and other puppet assets... they even have a small piece printed in 3D!

Imagicario thanks

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