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Radio Universidad de Guadalajara

October 2019

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Capsules: Passionate about puppets



The living art of Fiams / Little puppet stories

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La Fabrique Culturelle

Helijalder Capristano turns into a puppet in Waykarü



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Metro Journal - July 2020

Surprise shows on Ontario Street this summer

Festin de los munecos - october 2019

International companies open dialogue at 10th Festin de los munecos


To open the conversation with the creators and puppet artists of this edition of Festin de los munecos, on Monday, October 28 at 11:00 a.m., the first conversation took place in the Arroniz building, in the center of Guadalajara

The event lasted an hour and a half, where representatives of two companies: BelloAbril * Theater of Coincidences and Imagicario, shared their artistic careers, the challenges and various secrets behind their works.

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On the other hand, Helijalder Capristano, the performer of Imagicario's famous and colorful puppets, like Waycarü and Aroldo, dazzled the participants by briefly showing the process of transformation and interpretation of their characters.

Capistrano hasn't had an easy journey either, however, he has shown that his obstacles have turned into advantages: "I have a diction problem and it made me create characters that use gestures more" , explains the Peruvian performer, who emigrated to Canada with his daughter, where he developed his artistic career with the group Imagicario.


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