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G i n k a

Inhabited puppet

Who is this character with an atypical appearance, who roam around urban spaces? Where does she come from and why is she here? So many questions can be generated when meeting Ginka. Sometimes we see her among the branches of the trees as if they were her stilts, sometimes we meet her face to face. We saw her dance, sing, cry, we saw her just be. Always accompanied by three majestic and colorful birds, who protects whom? It is an intriguing symbiosis.

How many times have we been in natural spaces, in forests or in the mountains, and have we felt both that soothing calm and that little eerie something that unconsciously reconnects us to our forgotten origins? Ginka is our playful personification of this little sense of peace and anguish.

It is a show presented in an ambulatory, non-verbal format, which combines gestures and actions in space, using different manipulation techniques (inertia, direct, prosthetic). We temporarily lend our bodies to be possessed by this hybrid puppet. Her presence is versatile, depending on what space allows us, she sometimes appears on its stilts or on the ground at a human level.

Design and production . Helijalder Capristano, Laetitia B. Canniccioni, Roger Mandez

Interpretation. Helijalder Capristano (stilts) Laetitia B. Canniccioni (on the ground)

Created in 2019

Photo . Carl Desjardins

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