The Kakous

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The inhabitants, in certain latitudes of the world, tell that colossal creatures, that they named Kakous, lived among them. Of enormous size, a long neck and imposing legs, neither bird nor reptile. Legends also tell that the Kakous were generally docile creatures but somewhat pretentious...

Perhaps they are among the fantastic bipedal creatures described by the famous cryptozoologist Ivan T Sanderson during one of his many expeditions? What happens when the myth becomes reality ...? Some giant bipeds really did exist, such as the New Zealand Moa, Argentina's Titanus Tuyango or the Madagascar elephant bird.

The sudden change in the Kakou's supernatural habitat forced them to venture into unknown, sometimes urban and arid areas, and to break their voluntary isolation. What future awaits them? Will they experience the same tragic fate as their distant cousin the Dodo?

kakouuuuu ... we hear them, kakoukakou ... they are approaching, kakouuuuu ... where are they going?

The kakous is a show on the move, fragmented into three acts (prologue, journey, epilogue). Using the technique of inhabited puppets on stilts, we bring these colossi to life and provide the audience with small, fun and thrilling moments, the time to tell this non-verbal story. A show that tells us a story of survival, migration and extinction ...

Concept, production, direction and interpretation. Helijalder Capristano & Laetitia B. Canniccioni


Imagicario stilts

These particular stilts have been conceptualized by us to conform to the actual shape of animal paws. We wanted to break the traditional verticality of stilts so that they become an integral part of the Kakous and not a dissonant visual element.


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