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THE Kakous

Inhabited puppet on stilts

The Kakous, two characters inspired by a fictional biodiversity, invite you to an encounter where fiction meets reality.


The giant underground cavities where the Kakous usually live have been disturbed by a sudden change in their ecosystem. Forced to leave their unfathomable habitat, these two giant bipeds venture into unknown areas, sometimes urban and arid. What future awaits them? Will they live the same tragic fate as their distant cousin the Dodo…?


Take a few steps into the unknown and join Los Kakous on this uncertain and improbable journey.

Concept, staging and interpretation .  Helijalder Capristano, Laetitia B. Canniccioni

Realization of the puppets . Helijalder Capristano, Laetitia B. Canniccioni & Atenu Sandu

Original music . Mael Oudin

Light integration and programming . Daniel Freder

Photo: JF Savaria


Are the Kakous one of the fantastic bipedal creatures described by the famous cryptozoologist Ivan T Sanderson during one of his many expeditions? What happens when the myth becomes reality ...? Some giant bipeds actually existed, such as the New Zealand Moa, Argentina's Titanus Tuyango, and the Madagascar elephant bird.

imagicario's Stilts

These particular stilts were conceptualized by us to conform to the actual shape of animal paws. We wanted to break the traditional verticality of stilts so that they become an integral part of the Kakous and not a dissonant visual element.


Thank you to the collaborators of this project


Committed citizens of the green alleys of Villeray 

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