The Soupis

Ambulatory inhabited puppet show

Illuminated puppets

It's cold, winter is setting in ... As every year, the little Soupis came out of their burrows with all their luggage. They went on an adventure, to sew, weave, patch and create small pieces of our daily life. With their wools, threads and other small tools, they are engaged in the task of maintaining the magic of the universe. They spin and parade, sometimes letting themselves be distracted by the different smells they encounter ...


Meet the Soupis in this show on the move which will make you live a little moment out of time. Playful puppets inspired by both winter tales and the little mice that roam around our homes ...

These are 5 inhabited puppets, about human size.

Concept and creation: Helijalder & Laetitia

Complete project release in November

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