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Les Soupi: Projets
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Illuminated puppets

Strange little characters have come out of their hiding places with all their luggage, in order to sew, weave, patch and create small pieces of our daily life. With their wools, threads and other small tools, they are busy with the immense task of maintaining the magic of the universe. They spin and parade, sometimes allowing themselves to be surprised and distracted ...

A little bit of warmth in the coldness of winter, Les Soupis are playful and improbable puppets inspired by both winter tales and the little mice that roam our homes ...

Concept and realization.   Helijalder & Laetitia

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Photo: JF Savaria

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Imagicario would like to thank the Conseil des arts de Montréal for its financial support for the presentations of Les soupis.

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