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Les Soupi: Projets



From fall 2024

Illuminated street show

4 large puppets

From fall 2024, discover our new illuminated winter street show: Parédolïa. Let yourself be carried away into a magical universe alongside 4 living lampposts... They transport us into a timeless interstice, at the crossroads of the gas lamp world and electric streetlights...


On May 16, 1879, on the Champ-de-Mars in Montreal, a light comes on... It's the city's first electric streetlight! Hundreds of citizens gather for the occasion, marveling at this event, this show, which is almost magical. (Historical fact)


Slowly, the gas lamps will be forgotten, and the tough job of lamplighter will disappear. But before fading away forever, the gas lamps light up one last time, one by one, all together, for one last dance...


With their glowing globes, the old gas lamps cradle the night with their both splendid and timid light... Silent witnesses, they will carry with them all the secrets that only the night allows...


An ode to the nostalgia of a bygone era, to the rise of nightlife and to great historical changes!

Parédolïa, inspired by the phenomenon of Pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a form of illusion where an individual perceives a specific shape, often human or animal-like, in a visual stimulus. For example, seeing an animal in a cloud, a shape in stars, a face in a rock, a character in urban furniture... Pareidolia originates from the human brain's tendency to interpret and make sense of random shapes by identifying them with known forms that have meaning.

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