The triplets of Nullpa

Under creation

In Nullpa, a place where the mountains dance, live slender and stooped men, with exaggerated long physical proportions.

It is from this place that today we are visited by this grotesque and clownish trinity: one petty, the other naive and the third carefree. They are so focused on wanting to satisfy their desire for possession that they constantly bicker. They are looking for something both abstract and tangible. A light, an object or just power...? With all this going on, they did not realize where they are and all the little eyes staring at them ... This sickly blind research manipulates them and leads them to develop different techniques to satisfy their desire, does the end justifies the means? But what happens when that little light goes out?

This show on the move features three inhabited 4.2m puppets on stilts. With these oversized puppets, we invite you to participate in a playful and poetic adventure.

*Warning: you run the risk of being fascinated or crushed by these great clumsy people...

Design. Helijalder Capristano

Production and direction. Helijalder Capristano & Laetitia B. Canniccioni


This show is inspired by our fascination with giants. A type of cryptid found in legends and mythological stories from all five continents. Giants are often synonymous with strength and power in these tales, where they are formidable and often in conflict with gods and humans. Possessing great physical strength, they are sometimes depicted as beings without great intelligence ... (Trolls, Cyclops). It is this aspect of the giants that we will put forward with The Triplets of Nullpa, caricaturing certain negative aspects of our society, this insatiable need for consumption, this obsession with power, with possession ...

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