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Puppet shows for open spaces.

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ERRA. . .

Contemporary, fun and colorful puppets inspired by fictive biodiversity.

Parallel universe . . .

Spontaneous creations.

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What's up in the workshop

Being created...

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What's up in the workshop



Illuminated winter shows.

From fall 2024


Our vision

We explore puppets as an extension of the body and a piece of art in its own right, investigating mechanisms operating in inertia and mainly using physical theater.

Our approach focuses on the creation of large-format inhabited puppets intended for presentations in unconventional places.

Our journey

We made our puppet company project a reality at the end of 2018. We had an irresistible desire to bring characters from our imaginary world to life...

Since our launch we have done over 450 presentations on 3 continents!

Photo . Bernina and Capri in our first workshop ...

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Cultural workshops

Our mediation activities can be integrated in festivals, schools and cultural centers. The objective of our workshops is to arouse interest in the arts of puppetry and stilts, while inspiring and awakening imagination.

Workshops for general audiences can be adapted for youth audiences


Youth audience

  • Long legs

    • Stilts workshop

  • The mini-giants

    • Giant puppet workshop


General audience

  • Deep inside the beast

    • Disassembly of puppets

  • The awakening of the beast

    • Group creation of a giant puppet

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Contact us

1 514 622 - 0532

Montreal, QC

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